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Fall Tokens

Me and The Art of Chaos and Imperfection

I'm Dawn, appropriately named the year after Woodstock, by parents who I am sure, were not true hippies but went with it.  I wear my heart right there,  on my sleeve. When we meet, you get me. I am imperfect, honest, love fiercely, love the season fall more than anything, daydream too often, Netflix too much,  have a connection with human brokenness, and an intense passion for disability and the families it affects. Though my love for pictures began very early when I received my very own Vivitar Pocket camera circa 1979, my journey with Sabraw Photography started  13 years ago when I received my first "real" camera. My future husband saw something in me and gifted me with one of the biggest game-changers ever. Every day, I see new things I want to photograph, raw moments, the beauty of dusk,  sunshine that seems to have a life of its own, the glory and pain of life, the light in the dark, and the dark in the light.  Most of my clients become friends...their lives become part of my story as I do my best to tell theirs. I can't wait to know your family and help tell your story.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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